Getting Closer...

UPDATE 2022-07-26

So as you probably know by now there has been a change of dates.... Due to regional elections that are happening in Sunday. Little context.... When there is an election in Peru they have a thing called "Ley seca" that means "Dry law" which means no alcohol should be sold the day before the elections and the day of the elections.

That is the reason why we had to move our wedding date from the 1 October to the 30th of September.

We are having the ceremony at 16:00-17:00 hours so all of you should already be in Huanuco and have some marginal to get yourself ready to party. We are so sorry we had to change the dates and we hope you will understand.

This means the wedding will be on friday so we won't be able to do a meet & greet but we will plan a city tour on saturday so we can spend the day together sightseeing Huanuco and its surroundings.

Counting the days to celebrate with all of you!

Don't forget to let me know how many nights you need at the Hotel in Huanuco.

Book your Lima-Huanuco plane tickets because I know there are some times that are already sold out. (they are small planes).

Let us know if you have any questions. The wedding is on Friday, repeat the wedding is on friday.

PS=> RSVP latest 7th August. Don't forget to write any allergies. Thank you <3

Love A&A


As you might have seen there are a lot of updates so feel free and browse through the menu!


- Check your passport 

- Check your vaccinations

- Exchange some Peruvian money before your trip (Nuevo soles). Huanuco is not so "turisty" and therefore paying with card can be an issue sometimes but Cusco is as tourist friendly as it gets! 

-Check the allowed luggage weight-> specially Lima-Huanuco. 

Be aware of pick pockets ! We recommend you NOT take precious things with you besides your loved ones ;)

Hotel Booking Huanuco -> Let us know how many rooms, which room and how many nights you are staying in Huanuco and our wedding planner will help with the hotel booking. 

Hotel booking Cusco-> Cusco is extremely tourist oriented so has a wide selection. 3 years ago we stayed at the Novotel and we enjoyed it. It's in the center and only a 3 minute walking distance to the main square (Plaza de armas) where you can find nice restaurants, bars, shops, tours etc.

Most people are arriving on thursday 29th and leaving for Cusco Sunday 2nd or monday 3rd.  

-Dresscode: Semi-formal /Kavaj 

The venue is outside, so we don't recommed stilettos.

We are so excited and we are really looking forward to having you with us on our special day.

Let us know if you have any questions or concerns. 

Remember this will be a tri-lingual wedding so don't forget to brush on your Spanish, English and Swedish .... get your DuoLingo ASAP hahahaha...

Love Andrew & Anghy